Khavaran Sanat Pasargad

Vertical Machining Center

Vertical Machining Center


  1. Z-axis used high rigidity roller rail linear guideways, to enhance the rigidity and load of the Z axis.
  2. Double guide ways and a counter-balanced design prevent unexpected vibration from z-axis drive, which help achieve a quality surface finish.
  3. The weights are supported by the rail to reduce vibration and improve processing performance.
  4. X/Y/Z axes slide way use the high precision φ 35/φ 45/φ 35 Roller type linear guide ways, provided with high rigid, low noise, smooth movement. Capability to run high rapid feed and achieve high accuracy.
  5. Rapid feed rate can go up 36 m/min, smooth movement, increase machining and stability.
  6. With C3 grade large diameter (XY: φ 40; Z: of φ 40) high precision ball screws to ensure the highest accuracy and durability. Three-axis motor side 4 bearing, but also to strengthen the stability and accuracy of the machine in the rapid displacement
  7. The machine uses a unique end of the structural design. The trailing portion of the split bearing adjust the tail accuracy efficiency, and improve assembly efficiency and quality of machine.
  8. The machine is equipped with a protection device can absorb the impact of vibration, to ensure accuracy.
  9. Line rail uses Taiwan HIWIN linear ball rails, and the Z-axis uses ultra-load roller linear slide. After the three-axis complete the design and collocation, the three-axis rapid traverse speeds up to 36m/min.
  10. With 6 heavy duty roller blocks installed on the Z-axis headstock and X-axis.
  11. The adjective head structure with good rigidity and reasonable weight.


کاتالوگ 1 Vertical Machining Center
کاتالوگ 2 Vertical Machining Center