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Michael Hauser, CEO, Tornos

EMO Hanover 2019, taking place September 16-21 in Hanover, Germany is a key event for our industry, the world of metalworking and for the Tornos- because it’s a chance to meet the market and listen to its needs. With theme, “smart technologies driving tomorrow`s production”. EMO Hanover 2019 precisely addresses our efforts here at Tornos. In our company, we are not only developing the intelligent and interactive solutions our customers need, but anticipating our customers` future needs as well.

We are always listening to our customers and to their markets, monitoring current trends, and with the agility that is part of our core values – constantly adapting, rethinking machine tools, and delivering increasingly personalized, customers –centric service. In this way, we open new perspectives for our customers and position them to seize opportunities in markets that are new to them.

Listening to the needs of our customers

For all these reasons and more, Tornos look forward to EMO Hanover 2019.this event is the perfect opportunity to present our solutions and meet prospective and existing customers. Who, over time, have literally become part of Tornos network. The Tornos family.  We have forged strong links not only in the Germany but also in the rest of the world, and industry events like EMO Hanover 2019 shine a light on the essential threads that makes of a part of the international industrial fabric. At the same time, this trade fair`s influence extends past national borders and into the global market that Tornos also proudly supports. We expect a large EMO Hanover 2019 audience, people close to Tornos, but also those interested in the world of machine tools. Such show is indeed an opportunity to demonstrate our customer orientation and prove our promise: we keep you turning. This promise is backed up by our renowned quality, our guarantee of precision, and more than 125 years of expertise that is at work on customer’s sites well beyond Switzerland. Our international influence is particularly strong in Germany.

Germany and machine tools

The German market is of crucial importance to the machine tools industry. Tornos is more than aware of this critical market: we have just acquired land in Pforzheim where we will build our new German customer center by 2021.

In Germany, as in the rest of world, our employees are trained in latest technologies: they know their subject matter inside out. We have employees in our team who have been loyal to Tonos to more than three decades. Over the years, developed the special relationship with our customers, who know that they are at the right place when they contact Tornos.

 This is what I mean when I talk about the Tornos “the Tornos family “. for Tornos, customers are not just owner s of our products Y they are full members of our team. We integrate them onto certain phases of the design and development of our machines to ensure that our solutions perfectly meet their expectations.

Noting is impossible

It is not uncommon for customer, faced with the intrinsic complexity of a part to be produced, turns to one our employees for help. We do not produce parts, but we know how to make them, and this expertise is a benefit that lasts well beyond the acquisition of a machine- because we support our customers throughout the complete life cycles of their Tornos machines. Our Tornos academy courses allow our customer realize the full potential of their Tornos machines, and our trainers are guide each customer along the path to application and process mastery.

An astonishing range of possibilities

Our EMO Hanover 2019 presence in Hall 17 stand 15 in the place to discover the Tornos difference. We are exhibiting no less than less 10 machines on 450 square meters, and we are presenting the entire range of Tornos products, as well as out TISIS programming software and Tornos service, which offers tailor-made services all over the world, whether through the intervention of our field service engineers or by our fast provision of spare parts.

A jewel of precision and ergonomics

 A real standout in our all-star EMO Hannover 2019 lineup is our brand new SwissNano 7, the “big sister” of our SwissNano 4, the master of small parts requiring very high precision. The SwissNano 7`s kinematics allows it to produce most of the turned parts of a watch movement, for example from simple parts to more complex. This solution already excels in the medical and dental segment, where users praise its unique concept and design and its mastery of very small diameters.

SwissNano 7 will be center stage at EMO Hanover 2019, but it won’t be alone. We look forward to showing you all of stars in our lineup-and even more innovation, precision and productivity for you to “Turn to Tornos”



competitiveness and adaptability

Tornos invites the manufacturing world to EMO Hanover 2019, September 16-21, in Hanover, Germany. At its usual location, stand D15 in Hall 17, the Moutier, Switzerland-based machine tool manufacturer will present its range of innovative, intelligent solutions, resolutely focused on the requirements of a constantly evolving market. Tornos Awaits your visit to its impressive 450-square-meters stands!


Special focus on industry 4.0

Smart technologies driving tomorrow`s production:

 This the promising theme of EMO Hanover 2019, which is undoubtedly the largest metalworking exhibition of the year, since manufacturers from all over the world are expected to attend. As the metalworking center of competence at the highest level, EMO Hanover is must for both for manufacturers and their suppliers. 

A showcase of Tornos know-how

Beyond machines, Tonos offers production workflow solutions, including its integrated industry 4.0 enabling TISIS software, which allows programming and communicating directly with the machine. The user is guided intuitively to ensure optimal use of all available tools. On Tonos’s stand, expert engineers and R&D team members will demonstrate the infinite range of possibilities offered by the intelligent software that they are constantly developing with their teams to offer customers ever more innovative solutions for connected production.

Accuracy, performance, productivity and ergonomics

The TISIS software is designed to work with entire Tornos machine park, including Tornos`s EMO Hanover 2019 all-star SwissNano 7, the latest edition to SwissNano range, Reliable, precise and ergonomic, the SwissNano makes it possible to meet the most demanding machining challenges. Extremely flexible, it is the ideal partner for machining small components requiring very high precision. It offers almost unlimited possibilities, whether for thread whirling, gear hobbing or the use of a high-frequency spindle. Originally designed to produce practically all the parts of watch movements, SwissNano has proved to be an essential partner to the Medical and Dental world, as well as the universe of connectivity, which have benefited from the start from its exceptionally flexible machining area. Compact and efficient, the machine is also extremely easy to set up. The most unique element is its kinematic and counter-spindle which is based on three numerical axes. This makes counter-spindle operation much easier.

Solution that fill an important niche

In direct response to customer`s demand for a compact, all-in-one chucker solution to increase their flexibility and economic feasibility of working with blanks, Tornos is debuting its all-new and impressive compact MultiSwiss 6x32 chucker lathe at EMO Hanover 2019. The goal of this concept is to have allow execution of special shapes and finishing of parts with precise turning and limited roughing operations.

A demonstrating of unfailing flexibility

The SwissNano 7 will be the center stage and in action on the Tornos stand, along with other Tornos solutions such as SwissDeco 36 TB, a true standout due to its most advanced performance. All equipped with three independent tool systems, SwissDeco machines are designed to provide their users with exceptional flexibility while maintaining extraordinary ease of use. The SwissDeco range combines more than 125 years’ of experience in a single machine. It is much more than a range of machines: it is a true vision of the future of bar turning.



A glimpse of the past and the future

A true “time capsule”, the Deco 13 is a machine that has been widely praised by appreciative Tornos`s customers. Most of who acquired a Deco 13 at the time still use it. That is why Tornos service is presenting a completely renovated Deco 13 at EMO Hanover 2019. Past and future are therefore closely intertwined in the Tornos universe, balancing know-how more than a century old with artificial intelligence hyper connected, intuitive and generational.

Perfect fluid and chip management

All Tornos machines are true machining centers Milling is no exception to this rule and has been included in Tornos`s catalog of services for several years. The BA 1008, with ergonomic based on the SwissNano platform, is a compact production tool for small, precise prismatic parts. Its parallel clamping system makes it a must when it comes to milling.

We keep you turning

true to its now well-known promise,” we keep you turning” Tornos`s EMO Hanover 2019 presence is more than a showcase: it is a nexus of connectivity and interactivity. Discover it all, September 16-21: it`s time to turn to Tornos!


The first bar-turning centers



EMO Hanover 2019 guests will discover Tornos`s mart new SwissDeco 36 TB


Smart technologies driving Tomorrow`s production are at the heart of EMO Hanover 2019, set for September 16-21 in Hanover, Germany, and sure to turn heads at the premier metalworking exhibition is Tornos`s new SwissDeco 36 TB. Intelligently bridging bar0type turning centers and bar turning machines, SwissDeco 36 TB is the centerpiece of Tornos`s EMO Hanover 2019 exhibition space) Hall 17, stand D15)

At EMO, visitors will see how the SwissDeco 36 TB makes easy working of machining at 250 mm long intramedullary (IM) nail with internal threads used in orthopedic trauma to ensure bone fixation, IM nails call upon Tornos`s extensive deep hole drilling expertise-and the SwissDeco 36 TB, with the essential B axis and Z2 and handy fluid, module situated right next to the machine, flawlessly executes deep hole drilling. Machine autonomy is supported by its ingenious high-end cutting fluid management and available configuration with up to two high-pressure pumps, equipped at standard with a heat exchanger, this solution can be connected to a cold-water network or a water chiller.

The application to be shown at EMO showcase Tornos`s mastery of the thread whirling process on a sliding headstock lathe, making it possible to produce nails with perfect internal threads, good surface finish and high dimensional accuracy. Tornos`s thread whirling process significantly increases productivity, eliminates bending and vibration, and resolves the challenges of producing both IM nails and self-locking screws.

Outstanding performance

Based on the structure that is the hallmark of the entire SwissDeco range, the SwissDeco 36 TB has a high-power spindle and an ultra-rigid cast machine base equipped with extra-large guiding elements, allowing the user to leverage the full potential of the machine. In combination, these characteristics mean that the machine can withstand high loads even when machining the toughest materials. With SwissDeco, we set out to design an uncompromising machine-and our EMO visitors will discover that we succeeded, “explains Phillip Charles, head of Swiss-type product Management at Tornos.


Comprehensive equipment

The SwissDeco 36 TB ca be equipped with 57 tools including the 36 driven tools.

“today, a Swiss GT-type machine is also impressive equipped with B axis and a number of tools, even if it has fewer tools than the SwissDeco. But the SwissDeco opens up a new era, “Charles explains. The first noteworthy difference- besides the extremely rigid machine structure- probably is the SwissDeco 36 TB`s 36 mm machining diameter. If the user opts for the 36 mm spindle, the solution`s 53 Nm torque of is simply titanic; even the 25.4 mm diameter spindles 27 Nm torque.

“the machining capabilities of the SwissDeco 36 TB are really impressive- to such an extent that we can turn parts based on the parameters of the machining with a fixed headstock even if the machine is operated close to its limits” Charles adds.

Furthermore, Tornos builds ease of use into its solutions, he says.

“since we want our customers to easy achieve application success, we provided our machine with long axis travels and the market’s most powerful and rapid driven tools,” Charles asserts. “our SwissDeco 36 TB both manufacturers the work piece at the hand but ensures perfect management. We offer various solutions for work piece ejection, whether the part`s dimension”.

Furthermore, the machine is easy to use and setup, even during machining of complex work pieces, and it simplifies tools changes because its turret can approach the machine door so that the operator can change tools without having to bend into the machine.



12-position turret with B axis

Like SwissDeco T, the SwissDeco 36 TB has a 12-position turret, it is mounted on a B axis, driven by a torque motor, and can be swiveled by +/_ 130 degrees and used for main and back machining operations. That means the full diversity of turret tools can be utilized to perfectly execute applications requiring angular machining. Furthermore, the turret can be operated by means of TISIS CAM software; this computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM solution enables multi-point programming for work pieces. TISIS supports almost every CAD/CAM program on the market, putting manufacturers on the road to headache-free programming.

Efficiency: quick-change system

Optionally, the turret as well as tooling systems can be complemented by a quick-change system that is compatible with the presetting devices, enabling setup to take place outside of the machine. The system ca be used for both stationary and driven tools to ensure maximum flexibility. It permits ultrafast setup changes, which is another big plus, considering the SwossDeco`s vast array of tooling options. Any changes become effective within a few seconds and the design guarantee`s superb connectivity can be repeatability. The fact that the tool head can be unlocked by turning a single screw is another value-adding efficiency booster.

Efficiency: hydraulic brake

The SwissDeco is the first Swiss-type lathe featuring a high-precision hydraulic brake, guaranteeing high machining quality in any situation. The brake is actuated by material deformation and enables the bar to be precisely locked in the correct position, so spindle bearings and spindle body are relieved in case of four-and five-axis machining. Surface finish is considerably improved because the bar is maintained in the correct position, allowing the SwissDeco 36 TB to tackle a tasks previously unachievable on conventional lathes or bar turning lathes.

Efficiency: TISIS optimove




With the SwissDeco launch, the latest innovative TISIS version is now available. TISIS has evolved from a programming tool to become a true means of control for SwissDeco machines. From now on, the machine can precisely precalculate the real machining time.

“Our customers can now realize machining jobs requiring extreme precision as well as production scheduling in a most meticulous manner”, Charles declares. TISIS optimove offers a multitude of additional advantages, the most important of which is the reduction of machining times. just like TB-Deco, TISIS optimove calculates the ideal tool path and the ideal feed rate for each tool. One might assume this would make for rather slow machine, but the numbers speak for themselves: thanks to its three tool systems, the SwissDeco 36 TB`s productivity is simply excellent. In certain cases, TISIS optimove allows time savings of almost 25 percent. Combined with an 11 percent reduction in energy consumption, it provides significant added value, without operator interventions.

Another benefit is the reduced mechanical wear afforded by optimized axis travels eliminating unnecessary acceleration, so the mechanical system is protected while vibration and interference are available avoided during the machining process.

New MultiSwiss chucker solutions



Fill an important niche


In direct response to customers` demand for a compact all-in-one chucker solution to increase their flexibility of working with billets, Tornos`s is debuting its all-new and impressively compact MultiSwiss 6x32 chucker lathe at EMO Hanover 2019. The solution, along with new MultiSwiss 6x16 chucker, are the latest additions to the renowned MultiSwiss range.

The two new chucker machines advance the Moutier, Switzerland-based lathe pioneer`s technical legacy even further, since Tornos for years has built custom chucker solutions to meet customer`s specific demands. The economic advantages of using a chucker lathe to machine parts from blanks with specific cast, forged or metal injection molded (MIM) shape all well stablished. The goal of this concept is to have special shape and finish the part with the precise turning and limited roughing operations. The MultiSwiss 6x16 chucker is the standard Tornos chucker solution. Parts can be loaded using a vacuum: the part is blown to the machining area in a device that turns it 90 degrees in front of position five; then, thanks to the numerical axis, the spindle picks up the part and the machining starts in a clockwise direction (position five, four, three, two and one) and the part extracted by the counter spindle, a vibrating bowl with a selector has been adapted and the part is blown to the outside of the machine. The machine can be reconverted to a bar turning machine by simply removing the simple internal turning system; this approach works well for parts that do not require angular positioning and have dimensions up to 15 mm. the MultiSwiss 6x32 chucker is capable of machining parts from 5 mm to 40 mm in diameter-but its uniqueness doesn’t end there. Based on the Tornos`s successful MultiSwiss 6x32, the MultiSwiss 6x32 chucker delivers three key benefits:

  •  A new spindle allows the use of various clamping systems for push pliers, pull pliers or chucks. That means parts bigger than 32 mm can be gripped.
  • A new, more compact machine body to conserve floor space and allow integration of through-spindle coolant.
  • A robot solution integrated in machine for loading/unloading parts via small carousel that separates the machining area from the palletizing cell. This extremely modular solution is designed to accommodate the users’ needs, depending on the parts to be machined or operations to be performed. Single or double gripper unloading by robot or standard unloading with the ramp are easily accommodated.

Featuring the same kinematics as the MultiSwiss 6x32-on the market since 2017-the MultiSwiss 6x32 chucker features sin spindles, up to three Y axes, and four tools for back operation. Part handling, cleaning and measuring can also be integrated into one elegant, compact, well-conceived solution.

Internal and external handling

An extraordinary range of handling options add even more value- and autonomy-for customers who turn to the MultiSwiss 6x32 chucker as their chucker machining solution of choice:

Two different loading systems are available:

  • Unloading can be done through the counter spindle as with the regular MultiSwiss machine.
  • Unloading can also be done with the robot either out of the main spindle (no need for back operation) or from the counter operation if the user prefers palletization of the part, a swivel carousel is used and separates the working area and the palletizing cell, where a second robot loads and unload from the swivel carousel, making for a faster, cleaner solution. Depending on cycle time, a double gripper on the robot can be used to increase loading/unloading speed.

External handling is made possible by Tornos`s own turnkey solution: a palletizing cell: a two-by-eight pallet system or a 16-pallet system (600x400 mm). for bulk parts, a simpler system can be used: the robot can be fed with bowl feeder and train and a regular part extraction solution can be used.

Clamping solutions

For the main spindle and counter spindle, a collet system is used to clamp blanks up to 32 mm in diameter (about four times the ratio diameter/length to produce). Or chuck system can be used for bigger parts up to 50 mm long’s depending on the parts’ sensitivity, force adjustment is possible.  Spindle has an internal, fixed stop. compared to the competition, Tornos`s solution doesn’t need a mechanical adjustment as all spindles are controlled by independent axes can be numerically offset through a parameter table. furthermore, low-or high pressure flushing is available during machining as well as during loading /unloading.

Unique all-in-one system

This solution`s compactness-made possible in part because there is no need for a bar feeder-means users can benefit from a huge range of peripherals to achieve greater flexibility and autonomy. Standard included features are the system for managing swarf and oil tank high-pressure pump. With dual filtration and a chiller. Customers who want to go back to a bar feeder solution can always mount a regular container with bar feeder later on.

Communicating with the machine

MultiSwiss 6x16 chucker and MultiSwiss 6x32 chucker can experience true programming intelligence with Tornos`s available TISS communication software and the TB-Deco programming today`s competitive global marketplace, there’s not a moment to waste in meeting customer`s demands, and there two software solutions put users on the fast track to effortless programming and real-time process monitoring. Compared to cam-operated transfer machines. But that’s not all: TB-Deco enables assessment of each machine`s options, reduces the risk of collision and consequent downtime, and improve production efficiency. This exceptional programming assistance system generates tables to control the path of the axes and spindle, thanks to a powerful computer with integrated interpolator and machine simulator. Operations can be virtually positioned on a timeline and more efficient code for the computer numerical control (CNC) can be generated.

As a true portal to industry 4.0 TISIS takes the complexity out of process monitoring. Even from a remote location, users can keep an eye on details of machining process from a smartphone or tablet. The software makes it easy-and fast-to transfer program by USB key or directly onto the machine via the company`s network. Parts’ design in various stages of completion can be stored with the program and easily found in the database by using the search function.




Tornos service: close to the customer

 Backed by both geographical proximity to customers and in-depth understanding of the processes, applications and market challenges, Tornos service delivers an unparalleled continuum of support: start-up assistance, expert training and coaching, free hotline, on-site operations support and preventive maintenance, as well original spare parts seamlessly delivered worldwide, complete overhaul service to extend the service life of Tornos machines, and a range of operations and X-change modules to expand customers` application capacities and profitability.

Bringing customer`s business goals to life

The Tornos Academy helps customers bring their business goals to life by matching their employees’ skill with the expectations of their customers. Tornos Academy courses help customers optimize the productivity of their Tornos machines, increase their expertise, and seize new opportunities in growing industrial segments. Tornos EMO Hannover 2019 (Hall17, stand D15) presence is the place to experience the game-changing potential of the new MultiSwiss chucker, along with available options, services and software.

SwissNano 7:




More parts

Per square meter

We have talked a lot in this magazine about the Tornos SwissNano 7 machine. This compact, agile little machine has already been a big success on the market. Economical, environmentally friendly and ultra-flexible, it can boost production per square meter in any workshop. The SwissNano 7 has the smallest footprint in its category on the market.


More than 10 machines in less than 80 m

It is possible to install 10 SwissNano 7 machine in a space of less than 80 m. in this configuration, the machine can be fitted with an LNS Tryton 3 m bar feeder; because this version is particularly long, the front of bar feeder can be integrated in the SwissNano 7, eliminating length-related issues. The machine can also integrate a high-pressure unit, which is installed under the bar feeder. In concrete terms, this all translate to an ultra-compact machine that frees up workshop floor space. more machines mean more heat, in turn requiring more energy to cool the workshop. This problem had to be overcome by Tornos engineers, since the spindle and axis motors have been optimized to prevent excessive heating, with spindles producing no more than 2.9 kw at peak output. However, the machine retains its high performance thanks to its 6-mm diameter drilling capacity with a feed rate of 0.2 mm per revolution.

A machine primed for optimization

Just like the 4 model, the SwissNano 7 is designed to optimize production. Compact and economical, it offers impressive machining results. The SwissNano machine also has very short thermal loops. It is very stable, and the first part is therefore often good. Its highly rigid frame guarantees excellent finishes and reduces tool wear by between 30 and 50% under optimal conditions. The machining area has the 6 linear axes- 3 main operation axes and 3 secondary operation axes. This configuration found on the SwissNano 4, but the tools are arranged differently.

1-    For main operations, the first platen offers 3 positions for driven tools;

2-    A frontal tool holder for 4 tools can be added under the counter spindle;

3-    For secondary operations, the machine has 4 tool positions, 2 of which can be motorized. It is also possible to add high-frequency spindles for Torx-type micro-milling operations, for example.



The machine’s strength lies its modularity; it can be adapted to numerous types of market: for example, in the medical and dental sectors, a thread whirler and radial drill, or a horn with two frontal tool holders, can be added.

But the SwissNano 7`s flexibility is not restricted to the medical sectors; the machine is also equipped to service the electronics industry. A polygon tool can be installed for both main and secondary operations to boost the machine`s capabilities. The SwissNano 7 also expands the range of machinable watch parts compared to the SwissNano 4. A gear hobbing device can be added for both main and secondary operations. This enables high-added value parts, for example a sliding pinion, to be produced very easily.



Ergonomics- at the heart of the concept


The machine offers outstanding accessibility thanks to the bubble, which enables perfect access to the machining area and positioning opposite the guide bush.” The operator can stand in front of the machine, and the counter spangle’s 3 axes mean it can be centered very precisely.” Explains Philippe Charles, product manager at Tornos.

The machine`s ergonomics is enhanced by the pivoting arm control and the excellent access to the swarf and part trays. As you can see, this is a very attractive machine available in a variety of colors.

Discover the machine at EMO

The SwissNano 7 is bigger, more powerful and more efficient than its little cousin, the SwissNano4, come and discover it on stand D15, hall 17, at EMO Hanover 2019, or at one of our subsidiaries around the world.


Bar milling centers packed

With potential



The CU 2007 and CU 3007 milling centers offer Tornos customers a complete solution for 3-7-axis machining. The same applies to BA 1008 machines, which represent a real alternative to extremely extensive bar machining centers. The CU 2007, CU 3007 and BA1008 have updated the market by offering an infinitely customizable solution at a highly competitive price. Thanks to the expertise of Tornos engineers, these machining centers offer advance customization options to really boost potential. Robotisation, measuring and cleaning systems, closed loop…

We can respond to every need!



CU 2007: a custom-configurable machine

As with any traditional machining center, the spindle and tool changer on the CU 2007 can be customized. The machine has 3 types of tool magazine that can accommodate:

1-    16 tools

2-    24 tools

3-    40 tools

Likewise, the spindle can be configured to suit the part requirements. There are 3 types of spindle available:

1-    12.000 rpm for high torque

2-    20.000 for high torque and speed

3-    40.000 rpm for high speed

Versatile, precise, economical and infinitely customizable, the CU 2007 and CU3007 machines offer a unique and efficient machining solution. But that`s not all.

The CU 2007 can be converted into bar machining center!

In this configuration, it can be fitted with a 5-axis divider enabling it to produce highly complex parts. A second divider is installed on the machine, equipped with rotary axes and a linear axis that allow it to be converted into a bar feeding device as required. These two additional axes allow the machine to compete with more high-end turning/milling centers. “with the CU 2007, we can do 80-90%of what a bar machining center-which can cost as much as 500.000 euros- can do. The CU 2007 doesn’t cost anywhere near that much,” reveals Arnaud Lienhard, Tornos milling manager. In fact, the second divider enables the machine to not only feed the spindle with the correct bar length, but also to finish the part, specifically its sixty face. Once the front of the workpiece is positioned in the second divider, the cutting operation can start between the bar and the workpiece. Once clamped, the rear of the workpiece can be machined with the machine`s spindle. This solution is ideal for producing PEEK intervertebral cages, for example, or maxillofacial plates. The CU 2007 can produce highly complex parts.



BA 1008 XT: the bar-turning for prismatic parts

The BA1008 range is synonymous with high precision and high reliability: this little bar milling machine is a favorite among highly demanding users. Its HP version with 120 bar through-spindle cooling has surprised even tool manufacturers with its performance on the hardest materials. The XT extended version pushes the limits of possibility even further. It can house up to 8 spindles and two tool changers for a maximum capacity of 23 tools. Thanks to the compact design of these tool changers, it is possible to install a B axis on the machine. They have also been optimized to eliminate corners and ensure a perfect flow of swarf in the machining area. For swarf recovery is still just as effective. The tool changer on the front spindle has 10 positions and the lateral spindle changer has six. The Ba1008 can accommodate bars with a dimeter of 16 mm. the configuration of the BA 1008 XT significantly increases the machining options, enabling the manufacture of parts previously impossible to produce. The entire system remains highly flexible and easy to configure depending on the part requirements. In order to improve the machine`s autonomy, it can be equipped with a bar feeder to operate with coils. The BA 1008 and CU 2007 are highly affordable, efficient solution. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

60th anniversary



 Of Tornos technologies US and inauguration of the Chicago customer center

The new Tornos customer center in Chicago was officially attended in Des Plaines in May. The opening ceremony was new center will enable Tornos to offer even better customer service. It is a key part of the group`s strategy in the USA, as it celebrates 60 years on the America market.



Organized around the company`s perennial “turning together” theme, the opening ceremony for the Chicago customer center took place on 30th April, for what looks set to be a very promising venture. It confirms Tornos`s long-standing presence in the USA, demonstrating its commitment and desire to offer the very best to its American customers. The event also commemorated the 60th anniversary of the Swiss company`s establishment in the states in 1959. During the open days flowing the Grand opening, customers and stakeholders were invited to visit the new customer center and to celebrate 60 years of success in the USA. Over the course of these two days, cutting-edge seminars were held on the medical,

Developing of the USA market

As globalization accelerate, operating on an international level has become common practice, however, back in the 1970s, the decision of several Swiss pioneers to leave their homeland to go and work abroad was a significant development. It was an adventure in itself. A small number of Swiss companies offered their staff plane tickets to go and work and learn a foreign language in the country of origin. Tornos was one of them. The American subsidiary was therefore set up by expats from the Moutier region exporting a brand that had made its first foray into the USA in the 1950s. “Swiss type” machines, as turning machines are known in the USA, are renowned for their quality, partly thanks to Tornos`s effort over many decades. Of those who embarked on the one-way trip to the states, most returned, starting their own businesses in the Jura Arc region. There were also those who, seduced by the freedom and open spaces, chose to settle long-term in the USA. Two of them still work for Tornos, having remained loyal to their brand and company. When asked how they view the situation across the pond, they express concern that money has become king, and that the pioneering spirit has crumbled in the face of a reluctance to commit unless there is zero financial risk. There is no doubt that the market has changed a lot. And, unlike the Europeans, the Americans have an “everything, now” approach. The market is very free, very independent but quick to evolve, and characterized by an impatience and a desire to possess and to live the dream, as cheaply as possible. In this respect, Tornos has an important role to play. Primarily through the courses run by the Tornos Academy, which offer training to customers and staff on markets they may be unfamiliar with, and on how to discover new opportunities. Because, as Tornos`s most experienced employees will tell you, it is technical expertise and practical knowledge that really count, and which we must value above all. America therefore needs highly qualified staff with versatility and the ability to effectively leverage their experience. Automotive and electronics sectors. Alongside this event, Tornos Us also previewed its new SwissNano 7 mm for American customers. The unique kinematics of the new SwissNano enable turning, drilling, hobbing, deburring, roughing and finishing operations. The SwissNano can machine a huge range of precision parts, including for the micromechanical, electronics, medical and dental sectors.

A large-scale showroom

This vast customer center covers almost 1200 includes a spacious, state-of-the-art showroom to exhibit each product in the Tornos range, a large warehouse for storing spare parts and an expanded office space. Daniel Marklin, appointed head of Tornos US in February 2019, was delighted to welcome customers and suppliers to this convivial space. in addition to his strongly customer-focused approach, he is aiming to further strengthen Tornos`s reputation in the USA by offering customized services delivered by expert staff. His strategy also consists in reinforcing Tornos`s flexibility through innovation and by enhancing its operational excellence. Tornos`s approach involves offering unique solutions for target market segments. It already has a proven track record in the states, and the new center will enable the offering to be further extended going forward. It represents a clear commitment from Tornos towards this market and its customers.


New prospective

On mobility

The intelligent manufacturing conference (IMC) 2019 at Rottweil`s Krafwerk kept all its promises. An impressive panel of experts spoke about what mobility might be in the future, and how the industry can cope with the challenges ahead. Organized by Swiss machine tool manufacturer Tornos, the event was great success, and the many participants appreciated both the experts` presentations and the fruitful related exchanges.

The 150 people present at the IMC 2019 did not regret having taken for the mobility of tomorrow. Thanks to the expert`s present, they were able, in four well-conducted presentations, to benefit from several years of mobility-related research concentrated in the one-day vent. Following the presentation, a panel discussion- guided by journalist and digital economist Katrin-cecile Ziegler-provided constructive insights into the various points of view and culminated a rich and well-rounded morning. How will we move in the future? Are current means of transport obsolete? Should we give up some fuels, such as diesel, which some consider Toxic?

Does new mobility need new supplier?

Opening the conference with the latest mobility trends was Dr. Rolf Bulander, an ex-member of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH, where he was responsible for the division Mobility solutions. There is not just one mobility trend of the future, but several, and they are influenced by the customer. This was among the important topics discussed at the IMC 2019.

Use existing competences in electric mobility