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High frequency spindle or HF spindle


High frequency spindle or HF spindle

HF spindles are the type of mechanical devices like other spindles which could reach the very high speeds like 250.000 rpms. Spindles as the main part of a machine could perform the two major obligations:

1-    Providing the high accuracy

2-    Appropriate transmission of motor`s power

Therefore, spindle is very key factor for more efficiency in machine tool.

These type of spindles are utilized for HSC (high speed cutting). we can use them all in different industries. Accurate machining processes like grinding , engraving, drilling, milling and so on.






Advantage of employing the HF spindle in machine tools:

1-    Reaching the high speeds like 250.000 rpm

2-    High centralizing the spindle

3-    Ceramic ball bearing with longer longevity & more durability

4-    Low noise

5-    Manual or pneumatic tools change

Increasingly orientation to smaller part production and more precise machining highlights necessity of high speed spindles. In this respect employing the small tools is becoming more common which remains no other alternative except the high speed spindle or high frequency spindles. That is the truly a fact and basic, we cannot reach the applicable speed with normal spindle on machine tools if even possible pressures and tensions cause the destructions of other parts.  In example if a machining center spins a tool with diameter 1.2 inches with the speed 10.000 rpm in according to the inappropriate feed rate tool breakage would occur.





Most of these failures and destructions are blamed to the operator’s fault, machining parameters mistakes and etcetera. But in real the reason of this damages, is heavy force of spindle and inability of reaching the proper speeds in order to cut and evacuate chips out of metal.

High speed spindles have the good level of rotation in per minute and low volume of cutting with fast feeding.

For elaboration little more on that, we come up with simulation to figure out, cross your hand from the candle flame, if this crossing occur slowly the adequate time is given to flame for hurting your hands but if it happens fast no time would be remained for flame, that’s the same phenomenon with machining in very high speed and utilizing the micro tools. Within the process of machining tool continuously removes the chips from work piece produced temperature approximately is 40% in a result of tool`s friction, 20% in a result of chip deformation. Therefore, chip is tempered 60%. High speed spindles evacuate the high volume of heat by means of chips and provide the smoother machining. better quality machining according to the strategy of lower heat, less machining pressures and eventually less vibration would occur.

HF spindles lower the cutting tensions and reduce up to 0.005 inches this function (low chip load) specially reduces the tensions between tool and material. These type of spindles, fast machining, less heat, less tool breakage and definitely capability of machining the parts with very thin thickness. This ability is the consequence of lower temper production and reaching to the amazing smooth roughness, high quality edges, very high accuracy, smooth and easy operation in machining thin parts due to the less tensions and pressures, fixing and grabbing the work piece very easier no need to grab very hard so we can use the modular vacuum tables for fixing and grabbing the work pieces so set up and changing the work piece would be done very fast.

HF spindle manufacturers based on the needs, propose different powers and speeds these range starts from 5.000 rpm. Powers is around 0.6 kw to more.  




Ball bearings are designed from ceramic and called as the hybrid (silicon nitride) which due to the less mass spin very fast and produce less friction and last longer.



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