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SMTCL biography (Shenyang machine tools) and its existence in Iran

Analyzing the SMTCL (Shenyang machine tools) and its existence in Iran




SMTCL company is a subsidiary company of SYMG which by enumeration of independence is one of the biggest machine tools manufacturer in the world. More than 80.000 sets of machine tools annually and more 2.9-billion-dollar revenue in a year has been recorded. SMTCL has vast series of productions likely 300 varieties as well as cnc boring machine, turning centers vertical and horizontal, machining centers horizontal and vertical, gantry machining centers, pipe threading, tapping centers and etcetera.


SMTCL has many designing centers and factories in Germany and China. SMTCL-America which located in California represents the service and relevant supports on technical basements to sales-agents throughout of Canada, USA and Mexico.


Of the giant and famous companies which SMTCL of promoting its quality has dealt with is TOS in Czechoslovakia which initially was just under its license and respectively the project named China-Czechoslovakia. SMTCL founded in 1995 and is belong to SYMG which is founded 1930. Small company located in Shenyang city and rapidly after the short time has been changed into the strong company famous all around the world. SYMG has many subsidiaries company as well as SMTCL, Schiess GmbH, CY Yunnan machine tools Co, Ltd, Kunming machine tools Co., Ltd.

This collaboration has caused of employing of 18.000 personnel. This giant company has exported the machine tools to 80 countries worldwide.


Although the SMTCL is the young company but its self has some sub-companies as well as Shenyang No.1 machine tools Works, China-Czechoslovakia Friendship Works and Shenyang No.3 Machine Tool Works.


SMTCL bought the Schiess company in year 2004 which is the famous in production heavy duty machines roughly has experience of 150 years.

Within of last decade the SMTCL has promoted huge and rapidly and in the 2011 has manufactured the machine tools with valued 3 billion dollars.


In last recent years has made the large attempts on improving the technologies through demonstrating the strategic fields like aerospace, military, shipbuilding and energy markets which truly proves that the largest could be the best either. Thanks to combination and the concept of collaboration worldwide.

The special slogan of SMTCL is working side by side of customers. The saying which has caused many different actions to meet the demand of customers, finding of the solution for more effective machines and lower cost of production. Therefore, SMTCL has set the exclusive agents in different countries to provide the area of consultation and supporting more technical services all in sales and after sales meanwhile faster delivery of spare parts and all more important knowing about the markets needs and necessities to get the machines related to purchasing power of customers and specify machines relatively to their needs.

In Iran`s market the Ksp-group has been activated through 15 years.



Innovative sales marketing, fast delivery, machine varieties, presenting fast and qualified after-sales service, branding and many others have just been the options which Ksp-group has paid attention in promoting the SMTCL in this territory.

Analyzing the fast improvement of SMTCL is noted of collaboration and knowing of its abilities and combining it to foreign abilities which has caused very rapid progress.




This article is prepared in sales department of Ksp-group.