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ksp-group spare part unit

Spare part unit

Nowadays in production & competitiveness, versatility in accuracy and speed is the crucial for prosperity.

The up-rising necessity to the machinery with more capabilities in high leveled manufacturing companies is an important issue. Because in the respect of reaching the higher volume and lower finished costs accompanied with high quality on produced goods, no way of deploying the high-tech machinery which definitely meet your demands.

Considering the today Iran`s industries problem in the field of not refreshing and purchasing the new machinery with higher quality based the lower productivity and less competitiveness and the less accessing to abroad markets we would ought to rebuild and overhaul our machinery to get the optimum level of usage of existing machinery.

Therefore, the latest job which is applicable for us to do is using the know-how and collaborate with knowledge-based companies who can provide us the spare parts and technical solutions for out alternatives.

Meeting the demand of manufacturing companies would be feasible in two items:


2-Spare parts supply

There are vast number of technicians or groups which have the good ideology & understanding of machinery and capable of presenting good services but there is less company or a person who can present the both, 1- technical and 2- spare parts in a moment.!

 Ksp-group is one of the companies which through long solid years of experience has been expertised in the stated course which how could be beneficial for its customers.

In following you figure out some relevant spare parts of machine tools in Ksp-group:

  • Radial drilling machine branded ZJ
  • VMC, vertical machining centers
  • Fanuc controller
  • Encoder, drive, selector, keyboards, operating panel and etc…
  • Tools changer
  • Ball screw, ball bearings, linear guides, linear blocks and etc. …
  • Telescopic covers
  • Fanuc motors spindle fan and etc.

And many others which you can find in our spare parts in website.

You are kindly solicited to call us for your parts.