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Fanuc control instruction and training course sets up in Ksp-group


Ksp-group service unit: Fanuc instruction and traning course


The Ksp-group in the line of promoting its service and after-sales service to customers, considering their necessities and lack of knowledge in this field has stepped to the instruction and education field of controller, which due to the vast usage of Fanuc controller in Iran we found it as it more feasible to reach


Respectively believing that the permanent instructions is the crucial alternative for customers in order to develop their production abilities and their worker know-how, we set versatile plan for any desires to be met as following


Two unit could be set in this regard


    Training and instruction use






training has two level which dedicates


introductory (this unit takes 2 days)


understanding the hardware and hardware components relations and wiring


wiring and the sequence of factors


understanding with milling console and Fanuc keyboard F series


understanding the initial control menus and review the parameters


Advance (this unit takes 3~4 days)


The manner of changing and editing ladder


Review the ladder programming


How to define the M codes


Familiarity with ladder editor software


How to define drivers, axes in Fanuc controller


Review in 4th axis rotary installation and the know-how of performing




Repair: (this unit takes 3-5 days)


Troubleshooting (diagnostics)


Drive familiarity


4th axis mounting


In the above levels the students could train theoretically and practically with Fanuc controller board


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