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AMB exhibition participation notification – AMB 2018 –Ksp-group

AMB exhibition participation notification – AMB 2018 –Ksp-group


This exhibition was held at the 2018-06-26 in the share aftab new fair ground in Tehran at the organization of messe Strutgart and AMB. 

This fair is the one of the important exhibition which is held throughout the world on machine tools. The political issues amended has caused the better understanding and self-tendency of foreign manufactures to take part and share their new technologies with Iranian counterparts and customers.

Although its needed to be considered that through economical fluctuations, financial problems and reduction of purchasing power by Iranian customers and qualified machine tools have been reached out of domestic manufacturer to overhaul and update their production facilities. The only way of solving the stated course is governmental assistance by granting the loan to these customers and on the other hand the domestic producers are obliged to change their ideologies in order to promote the expectation level of their markets and thinking or neighbor countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia and so on. Otherwise there would be no other salvation to survive.

Ksp-group has all the time investigated through analyze of domestic market necessities and finding the appropriate machine tools compatible with it.

Taking part in different exhibitions and specially in AMB 2018 was the road to this goal.


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