Khavaran Sanat Pasargad


Ksp-group presence in Mosalla industrial machine tools and equipment 2016 exhibition

The brief report on the Mosalla exhibition

The first exhibition of tools, machine tools and relevant equipment by the name of Mosalla has taken part at its permanent place in 2016.

Despite of its first presence and few participants has achieved good feedback from customer due its applicable managing the industrial fields matching together which definitely has met the customer necessities.

This exhibition has different positive points as following:

1-    Place of action was at the center of capital and phenomenal accessibility to this location by metro and other facilities

2-    The branded companies which has caused the customer presence

3-    Specialized and expertise exhibition which no irrelevant viewers

Ksp-group presence:

Ksp-group occupied the area 110 sq m demonstrated with 3 cnc machine.

1-    VMC1000B vertical machining center, equipped with Fanuc, arm type, chip removal conveyor type, linear guides, empowered axes motor, 1000x610x650

2-    VMC1000E vertical machining center fully enclosed, Fanuc control, arm type magazine, screw type chip removal, PMI linear guide way 1000x500x540

3-    T2C horizontal turning center, slanted turning machine 45 degree, Fanuc, 8 turret tools, linear guide, chip removal, 280 turning dia, 500 turning length

The Ksp-group has informed as nominee for best designed and most executive booth through all.


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