Khavaran Sanat Pasargad


About us

Khavaran Sanat Pasargad (KSP Group)


Founded KSP group in 2010 as the machine tools trading company in Tehran capital of Iran.KSP group has grown to the pioneer leading company in machine tools, raw material and services are marketed domestically for industries such as automobile and automotive components manufacturing, consumer goods, agricultural machinery, medical tools manufacturing and implements. Our brand name is synonymous with quality, technology and reliable products and services. Familiarity with customers demand based on the purchase power, quality, services and future reliability of products are given vast responsibilities to KSP managers to proceed this slogan “WE PRESENT ALL THE BEST”


We import Machine Tools (metal cutting machines and metal removal equipment such as CNC Lathes, Conventional Engine Lathes, and Machining Centers); Plastic Injection Molding Machines; and etc.


The Industries KSP group plant is located in south eastern of capital. It comprises over 12000 m2 of built area, which has been changed into the trading center of machines tools.

Developing its proprietary technologies, KSP supplements its technological strength through cooperation agreements with industry leaders.
Our machine tools and raw material are marketed directly to domestic customers through more than 30 branches and sales offices nationwide. This distribution system allows KSP group to deliver a wide range of before and after-sales engineering services, technical assistance and replacement parts. KSP group has been active internationally since 2004. The Company also has sales and services subsidiaries in the variety of Iran’s provinces to grow KSP`s positions in these important markets.
Certified Quality

Ksp`s products and services also meet a wide range of stringent international technical quality and safety standards, including an EC certification for the European Common Market.

Integrated Corporate Management System

As the famous company providing products and services to provinces and domestic markets, each of Ksp’s business units are linked by an integrated corporate