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What is the radial drilling machine and its function and radial market in iran

What is the radial drilling machine and its function

Radial drilling machines are one of the types of drilling machines which gearbox on the base of arm moves radially and turns around its column and the function truly enhances the abilities of drilling in different needed areas. Radial drilling machines are suitable for the applications with large diameters which cannot be implemented by vertical drilling machines or portable magnetic drills such as the petrochemical, steel structures, oil and gas, machine work productions and any other similar applications.

These types of machine are the very basic model in the field of machines tools but very essential in production procedures.

In radial machines you can move the gearbox in different ways and on the base of area of drilling plan you can make the job done. This function reduces the cycle time and increases the accuracy of drilling in comparison with other types

Radial drilling machine are categorized in different model and types:

    Swivel head

    Gantry type

   Moving column

    Regular type

In Iran in mold making process in small workshops the users could apply the radial drilling machine with arm 80 cm with tapping Morse size 40 mm (MT4). Because these types have the lower price and smaller foot print which would be applicable for the small shops on the base of lower price. But in many cases have been observed that radial drilling machines with longer arm like 130 and 140 cm are used and have faced with variety of problems on gearbox damage, gearbox oil leakage or breakage of spindle and many others due to not considering the importance of symmetry and coordination of production among with spindle, column diameter, gearbox`s housing and its torque which is truly related to power of motor and design of gears and arm size and its structure although the quality is the key point!.

This sort of selection by Iranian importers is because of lower price and longer arms which is truly the tricky job for customers. This taught which you can buy the bigger machine with same price is wrong “you get what you pay for”!

And that’s why after one year working the customer will face with big problems and extra expenses on machine.

Hence here the guidance which the users could find the solution on purchasing the suitable machine on their applications.

    Figure out your necessities and your job application

   The materials

   Your time efficiency, how long you would work per day

     Your budget

   The after sales service of seller which is most importance of the case

    Variety of the brand of machines in market and popularity on your coworkers

    Never ever buy from local weak dealers which they would not accept any excuse!

Try to find the reputable company which can give the consultation on finding the suitable machine. The consultation of offering of the best machine is the truly the key!



Radial drilling machine in Iran :

In different applications such as bridge structure building, steel structure production, machine production, mold making, automotive, castings, oil and gas and petro-chemical industries could be used. the most famous brand and most reputable one in market, considering the quality and price is the ZJ – CHINA CZECH radial drilling machine from SMTCL company


The Ksp-group is the sole agent of ZJ radial machine recall  on all customers of ZJ brand for after sales


service and part changing to overhaul their machines in different purchasing times.



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